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Drumstix School of Percussion

At the age of 11 years old, Michael T. McNeal began playing drums at St. John Progressive Missionary Baptist Church. He has been playing drums for 28 years and professionally for 23 of those years. Throughout his career, he has played for Gospel recording artists, and the FSU Gospel Choir. He also taught at the Burgess School of Music. Michael still plays every Sunday at St. John Progressive where he infuses gospel music with funk, jazz, R&B, and light rock.

Michael decided to share his drumming skills and experience with children, teens, and adults by launching Drumstix School of Percussion. Drumstix was founded to teach aspiring & existing musicians the wonderful & exciting art of playing drums.

Mission: To cultivate, motivate, duplicate quality drummers in various genres of music.

Vision: To expand our Drumstix curriculum to include Drumset, Latin Percussion, African Drums and Band Drum Line. Drumstix School of Percussion will be the Tampa Bay Area’s go-to destination for quality drummers of all ages.

We offer:
1. Weekly Drum Lessons for kids (5yo+), teens, and adults.
2. One-Day Drum Camps (One for Teens and one for Adults)