Members of the Deacon Board:

  • Serve as helpers to the Pastor and the Ministerial Staff and relieve the Pastor of the many day-to-day duties.
  • ServeĀ as mentors to every member of the Church.
  • Assist the Pastor in ways that support and employ the Church Constitution and the Church Covenant.
  • Support, Assist and Serve the Pastor in any capacity deemed necessary to Church functions and operations.
  • Serve as Pastoral representatives to all ministries and auxiliaries.

Chairman: Deacon Isaac Gallmon
Vice-Chairman: Deacon Charlie Ball, Jr.
Secretary: Deacon Curtis Turner, Jr.

Dea. Charlie Ball, Jr.
Ward 2

Dea. Carl Bryant
Ward 3

Dea. Andrew Burgess
Ward 1

Dea. Jonathan Burnett
Ward 20

Dea. Thomas Cobb

Dea. Louis Carter

Dea. LaRue Dorsey, Jr.
Ward 9

Dea. William Forde, Sr.
Ward 22

Dea. Walter Fuller
Ward 13

Dea. Reggie Fye
Ward 8

Dea. Isaac Gallmon
Ward 10

Dea. Albert Green
Ward 15

Dea. William Johnson
Ward 23

Dea. Gregory Jones
Ward 18

Dea. Samuel Kinsey
Special Projects

Dea. Leonard Lynn, Sr.
Ward 16

Dea. Ernie Mayes
Ward 4

Dea. Delatorro
McNeal, Sr.
Ward 6

Dea. Willie Monroe
Ward 14

Dea. Harvey Nichols
Ward 12

Dea. Ben Smith, Jr.
Ward 21

Dea. Curtis Turner, Jr.
Ward 17

Dea. Leonard Warren
Ward 19

Dea. James Watson
Ward 5