At the discretion of the Pastor, Trustees serve as managers of the Church properties, which include oversight of the Church’s facilities and real and tangible properties. Specifically, the Trustees are responsible for the upkeep and purchase of church properties, major equipment and appliances, as well as, the renovation, space allocation and repair of properties, lawn care, and janitorial service. The Trustees ensure that there are no liabilities and risk to the church body or clients during use of facilities and equipment.

Trustees are appointed and serve for a term of one year.

Chairman: Deacon Andrew Burgess
Vice-Chairman: Bro. Michael McNeal
Secretary: Sis. Marchelle Burgess

Bro. Reginald Bellamy
Sis. Pearl Ershery
Sis. Annie Horne
Sis. Shirley Jackson
Bro. Leslie Jefferson
Bro. Joe Johnson
Bro. Taylor Timmons