The Women of Vision (WOV) Ministry comprises of Christian Women who are not afraid of being positive-change agents while retaining our Lord and Savior at the center of it all! The goal of the Women of Vision Ministry is UNITY Through Vision. The Christmas Cantata, The Festivals of Tables and the College-Bound Initiate are the programs that constitute the WOV’s work.



The “Christmas Cantata” is the story of the Birth of Christ presented by members of the St. John congregation including Pastor, Dr. Bartholomew Banks and First Lady Vanessa Banks. The event is anchored in Music, and is presented through Bible history narration and speeches. Some drama is presented the first Sunday in December. Every effort is made to include all ministries and auxiliaries of St. John from primary SS children to the Keenage Ministry.

As of 2016, the Christmas Cantata will be held on alternate years with the Festival of Tables.

  • Planning the Christmas Cantata begins as early as April.
  • Sister Ellen Murphy writes the Christmas Cantatas.
  • The Music Committee (Min. Hal Ringold, Sis. Sandra Jones and Sis. Ellen Murphy) meet in April to critique the script of the year’s Cantata. At that meeting, the group usually identifies soloists and other special musicians for the event.
  • The Women of Vision meet in late summer to discuss and accept their leadership roles: Drama, Speech, Narration, and other leadership roles.


The “Festival of Tables” is intended to be the official kick-off of the Christmas Holiday season. It is an event where Christian Women get together to “strut their stuff” in dining creativity by way of showing off their dining expertise via beautifully decorated tables. It is also an opportunity for Christian women to touch base with their Christian friends by inviting seven of them to attend and participate. A program based on the Christmas season is offered. The Christian women also enjoy a four-course meal served to them by male members of churches. Start your Holiday season the right way by celebrating the Birth of Jesus with other Christian Women.

As of 2015, the Festival of Tables will be held the second Saturday on alternate years with St. John’s Christmas Cantata.

  • The Festival of Tables is an event that welcomes Christian Women to fellowship, dine, display their artistic ability and have fun while doing it.
  • Each year, The WOV selects a different topic about Christmas. The focus changes each year, but the theme remains Christmas.
  • As such, all of the women who act as hostesses are encouraged to work with that theme and utilize their creative skills as they set their tables.
  • The hostesses will select their waiters to serve their guests.
  • After the hostesses agree to serve, they meet several times with a member of WOV to get instructions and other material to help with their tasks.


The “College Bound Initiative” is an event designed to help 6-12th grade students make informed decisions about education beyond high school. Two assemblies and I 0 or more workshops are presented by representatives of post-high-school education institutions. Students are challenged to explore options at an early age and to step outside the box in that endeavor. Workshops are offered by entrepreneurs, businesses, Technical colleges, Trade Schools, Junior Colleges, State Universities and many others.

CBI is held every year on the fourth Saturday of October.

  • The mission of this event is to help students make decisions and/or at least have some knowledge of what will impact, and what is available to them for the rest of their lives.
  • CBI is an event that is offered to 6-12th grade students, the purpose of which is to help students begin to plan their lives after they graduate high school. Adults who want to further their education are also welcome.
  • The four-hour event offers information and presents options to students on choosing what they do after-high-school.
  • By way of workshops and special subject assemblies, students are made aware of many different life choices including financial support, and every effort is made to “have something for everyone’s interests”.
  • Universities, Military recruitment officers, Community Colleges, Trade Schools, Technical Colleges, Liberal Arts Colleges, and many other post-high-school education institutions are invited and welcome to participate.
  • Every effort is made to accommodate every participant.