We’ve come this far by faith leaning on the Lord. We had to trust in His Holy Word, and he has never failed us yet.

Choir #2 of St. John Progressive Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1943 under the administration of the late Rev. Andrew Mack Woodard. Being guided by the Holy Spirit, the minister and the brethren of the old St. John realized the importance of music that magnified and honored the Lord Jesus Christ. Thus, choirs were organized for many reasons such as:

  • to serve as back up and support for the pastor
  • having organized choirs that practiced and learned the music had positive advantages
  • to develop and teach the next generation of singers and musicians that the music has to be the will of the Father.

Psalm 32:8 says, “I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eyes.”

About our Leadership: “Leadership,” one would say, is the process of motivating people. Still, others state, “Leadership is that which moves persons and organizations toward the fulfillment of their goals.” But, Christian Choir Leaders are to pray for guidance, to serve, motivate, inspire and help enable others to accomplish the choir’s goal, and that goal is to minister to God’s people under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Present Choir President: Sis. Ruth Lewis. .

Previous Presidents who served faithfully are: Rev. Eddie Nunn, Sr., Deaconess Beatrice Lester, Sis. Mary M. Thomas, Sis. Mercede McCall, Dea. A. J. O’Neal, Dea. John Fatherly, Sis. Johnnie M. Davis, Dea. Gregory Jones, Deaconess Rose Watson, Sis. Leanora Hamilton, Sis. Lois Worlds, Sis. Phyllis Herron and Bro. Keith Smalley.

Present Music Directors/Directress: Sis Faye Wingo, Sis. Mattie Brown and Sis. Alma Hicks.

Previous Directors/Directress: Rev. Earl B. Mason, Sr., Sis. Beverly Garcia, Sis. Frances Williams, Sis. Shelia Graham-Bryant, and Bro. Jerry Whitlow.

Present Musicians: Min. Hal Ringold, Sis. Sandra Jones, and Bro. Michael McNeal.

Previous Musicians: Sis. Emma McCullough, Sis. Geraldine Nunn, Rev. B. Banks, Sr., Sis. Dana Mackey, Bro. Elijah Ketchup and Rev. Stephen Nunn.